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A Waiting Game

If you read the last post about my stressful week, then you know that I contacted a therapist to help with my anxiety. Unfortunately, that therapist was not currently taking clients -- something I wish she'd update on her site/Psychology Today like other therapists I've seen. It would've saved me an anxious time of figuring out what to write then waiting for her response.

Since then, I've messaged another therapist but haven't heard back yet. Maybe the third person I contact will work out...

On the author front, I was expecting to get the art for my book cover last Thursday. However, we ran into some issues, and now we're starting from scratch again. Who knows when I'll get the finished product back?

As you can see, I'm stuck in this weird waiting period that sucks. I literally have everything ready to go for the book EXCEPT the cover, and I can't exactly send out ARCs, etc. without that key piece. I'll probably do a full post on book covers, but for now, here's my advice if you're self-publishing:


That is all.

Happy Monday!

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