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A Gentleman Never Surrenders E-Book

A Gentleman Never Surrenders E-Book


Northern factory owner Silas Riverton has mastered the art of concealing his true emotions. His hidden passions are confined to the brutal realm of boxing matches or indulged only in fleeting clandestine encounters after a childhood rife with coldness from his father.

Caraway Taylor, the eldest "Garden Girl," lives a life bound by duty. Admired for her plain but steady nature, she silently nurtures an unrequited love for a childhood crush, cherishing the memories of their innocent connection. Until one fateful night, when a twist of fate compromises her honor and intertwines her life with that of Mr. Riverton,

Thrust into an unexpected marriage, Silas and Caraway are determined to protect their hearts from further anguish. Yet, as they delve deeper into each other's lives, they discover a shared vulnerability that transcends their differences.

But as their guarded hearts soften, jealous rivals and manipulative adversaries threaten to shatter their fragile union.

Will Caraway and Silas learn that true love is capable of defying all odds before it's too late?

Experience a mesmerizing journey of passion, sacrifice, and resilience in this grand finale to the Garden Girls series that will leave you breathless and longing for more with every turn of the page.

Content Note: Explicit language and steamy sexual scenes abound.


Approximately 80,000 words

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