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Campus Queen E-Book

Campus Queen E-Book


Avoid heartbreak at all costs.

Kenzie Beechman prefers being in charge. Life's taught her that she's the only one she can count on and risking herself again is out of the question. When her ex-boyfriend arrives at their ten-year college reunion happily married to someone else, it's a stark reminder of how little control she's had over her love life. Could a former classmate's offer of a guilt-free fling be just the distraction she needs?

Until a man from her past offers to distract her for the weekend in more pleasurable ways...

Joel Beecham was a slacker and part-time class clown. Partnered with Kenzie on multiple school projects, he never pulled his weight. But a decade of life changes a man and Joel's ready to apologize for his mistakes and make bed. He proposes a homecoming affair with one caveat—Kenzie must submit to him in the bedroom.

With only a few days together, can casual fun turn into a forever kind of love?

CAMPUS QUEEN features a curvy girl who strives for perfection and the dirty-talking man who frees her to be herself—flaws and all. A short & steamy romance for those who've wondered What If...?

TROPES INCLUDED: Instalove, Type A Girl/Slacker Guy, Forced Proximity, Weekend Fling, Dominant in the Sheets/Beta on the Streets, Let's Make a Deal, & Curvy Heroine

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