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Charming Dr. Forrester Audiobook

Charming Dr. Forrester Audiobook


A veteran of war...


Dr. Robert Forrester is plagued by memories of the Crimean War, but he’s avoided letting them affect his work—until unexpected events trigger increasingly debilitating episodes of flashbacks, forcing him to confront emotions long-buried or face being consumed by them.


A lost widow...


Widowed and childless—denied the one accepted role a woman can have in Victorian society—Johanna Milton is determined to discover another purpose for her life, and the perfect solution appears in the form of a grumpy doctor in need of help.


Sparks fly as the two learn to work together, but as they become closer, will personal demons threaten their budding relationship, or does love truly conquer all?


Content Note: PTSD, mention of infertility, high steam, & cursing


This is a steamy prequel novella in "The Garden Girls"⸺a Victorian romance series!


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