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The Scoundrel Seeks a Wife Audiobook

The Scoundrel Seeks a Wife Audiobook


Ethereal Iris Taylor has always been the soft-spoken cousin-turned-sister of the Garden Girls.

Beautiful but shy, she tries not to be a burden after her biological mother abandoned her as a baby. And now that her biological father has revealed himself, all she yearns for is his acceptance. When he suggests she marry a stranger to help him overcome financial woes, she can't say no.

But will it be enough to earn his love?

Clarke Calloway is a scoundrel. Known for gambling and womanizing, he's anything but husband material. However, when the indebted Marquess of Linton approaches with a deal—marry his bastard daughter in exchange for paying off Linton's debt—Clarke can't resist nabbing a lady for himself, even if she is illegitimate.

Will these two opposites attract? Or will this arranged marriage end in despair?

Content Note: Explicit language and steamy sexual scenes abound.

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