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Announcement: A Holiday Regency Romance Anthology

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

"Avengers, assemble..." erm, I mean "Regency romance authors, assemble!" for the Season's most-anticipated holiday ball!

I've teamed up with five other romance authors to bring you a cozy read for next year's holiday season.

I know next year seems SO. FAR. AWAY. But it's never too early to gift yourself with a little reading treat.

Just think about it...

It's Autumn 2023. Cold and blustery. All you really want is a romance to sweep you off your feet and give you all the holiday feels.

Then, BAM! You check your reading app, and The Grand Mistletoe Assembly Anthology has magically appeared just in time to save the day!

(See, we really are superheroes. 😂)

We've got lots of fun plans in store for you all, but for now, enjoy learning about each of our stories below!

Can the final festive ball of the Season bring these couples together in time for the holidays? A collection of Regency romances with star-crossed lovers, fast-paced plots, and timeless connections...

Cuddling under the mistletoe, fine lace, snowy linen, and true love to be found in the flickering light of a hundred gas lamps. The luxurious Pearler House is bedecked for the holidays and everyone is attending The Grand Mistletoe Assembly for the event of a lifetime.

Experience the spirit of the festive season with six heartwarming and all-new tales of passion and celebration. Some are sweet, some are spicy, all will capture your heart.

Sara Adrien - Captured at the Ball

He gambles for a ticket to the ball but might win the love of his life.

When the impoverished Prussian Baron came to London, little did he expect to entangle with an irritatingly beautiful Russian spy with shared targets: the wealthy hosts of a charity ball touted as the grand finale of the season. While everyone is distracted with holiday preparations, can they fool the other guests by pretending to be a couple? Will they both achieve their objectives despite a series of unfortunate events before their time in London runs out? A story of espionage, strategy, and distracting kisses under the mistletoe for a holiday season like no other.

Nina Jarrett - Miracle on St. James Street

The rules of polite society make it impossible to meet. Is their love doomed to remain a scandalous secret?

She is his perfect woman in every way except social standing. While Cameron Thorne is determined to find someone to formally introduce them before they are forced apart for the holidays, Isabelle Shaw scrambles to find an honorable solution for their hidden romance. With Christmas quickly approaching, will they finally begin their public courtship during the most wonderful time of the year or will duty stand in their way? A tale of etiquette, expectations, and enduring passion.

Edie Cay

A young woman forging a career as a bare-knuckled boxer. A footman looking for something more than a life in service… and an overturned platter at the event of the year.

Ruby Jackson knows that a career as a bare-knuckled boxer will be harder for her than it was for her father—or at least, the man she believes is her father. As she is about to wrangle an introduction, a clumsy footman spills his tray, effectively ending her night. But Max Vaughn is determined to help her career as recompense for spilling his tray on her—and maybe see if this young lady boxer might be interested in spending a Sunday afternoon or two with him as well. A story about lower classes, fighting for one's place, and a connection that cannot be denied.

Pamela Gibson - Scandal's Secret

Will her secret stand in the way of their second chance at love? For years widowed artist Lily Whittington has hidden herself away, reluctant to socialize because of a scandalous secret in her past. When her niece persuades her to come to London, she reluctantly agrees, only to find herself wooed by Alastair Kinkade, a man she once promised to marry, but cruelly discarded. Lily’s instinct is to flee, even when her heart implores her to stay. But it soon will be Christmas, the season of joy and forgiveness, and if she stays, the magic of the Mistletoe Ball just might lead to a second chance at love. Secrets, misunderstandings, and reunions await in this charming account.

Jemma Frost - Surprising Captain Davies

He's her brother's best friend, and he wants her for Christmas.

Widowed Bryony Chapman is auctioning off the last vestiges of her old life—paintings her dead husband commissioned for his mistress. What should be a simple task takes an unexpected turn when Captain Nathaniel Davies, a retired naval officer and her brother's best friend, dares Bryony to explore her newfound freedom and join him on a holiday adventure across London. But will one scandalous evening end with a lump of coal... or will Christmas magic create a merry match of love? A romantic tale about disappointment, mischief, and discovery.

Tanya Wilde

What’s an earl to do when his sister’s best friend becomes the one temptation he can’t resist?

When Nicholas Byrne, the cold and duty-driven Earl of Chatteris, is unexpectedly kissed beneath the mistletoe at a charity ball by Pippa Averly, his entire world is thrown into chaos. Even worse, the moment their lips part, she acts as if it never happened! Can Nicholas pretend along, or will his legendary restraint finally snap this Christmas season? A romance about sunshine, grumpiness, and how the holidays are sure to melt even the most frozen of hearts.

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