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Author Interview: Emma Lombard

Let's welcome Emma Lombard, a Historical Women's Fiction author!

Emma Lombard was born in Pontefract in the UK. She grew up in Africa—calling Zimbabwe and South Africa home for a few years—before finally settling in Brisbane Australia, and raising four boys. Before she started writing historical fiction, she was a freelance editor in the corporate world, which was definitely not half as exciting as writing rollicking romantic adventures.


If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do?

Keep writing! Between the ages of 11 an 14, I wrote my first novel. But when a guidance counselor at school shot down my idea to be a writer in front of the whole class, I was so embarrassed that I just stopped writing. I didn't feel brave enough to try again until I was 40—though I still did enter the world of writing, but from the back end as an editor in the corporate world instead.

What are the essential characteristics of a hero/heroine you can root for?

Trust and loyalty. There are all sorts of indiscretions and mistakes that a character can make that, while potentially annoying, are redeemable. But once that fundamental trust is broken, it's a rocky road back to redemption.

Has writing and publishing a book changed the way you see yourself?

Yes! It has made me realize that I CAN DO IT! I started this journey as a little bit of a technophobe but I'm super chuffed at what I've learned and be able to achieve with my do-or-die perseverance. I was so terrified of my website in the beginning, and now I love tweaking and growing it! Publishing a book has so many cogs in the wheel, and while I could potentially learn every single one, I have accepted the areas in which I prefer having the support of trusted professionals (a qualified editor, book formatter, and book cover designer).

Where did you get the idea for your first book and/or series?

The premise for DISCERNING GRACE is very loosely based on a nugget of family history that my grandmother shared with me many years ago. She said that my 3x great-grandmother left her well-to-do family in England to elope with an English sea captain and live aboard his ship. I knew immediately this would make a great story—though my version is completely fictitious.

Anything else you'd like readers to know?

My newsletter is another aspect of authoring that I love A LOT! It's one of my favorite tasks (though it's hardly a tough gig when I enjoy producing it so much). I aim for my readers to have as much fun with my newsletter as I do creating it. Come join my crew!


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed learning about Emma Lombard!

If you'd like to check out any of Emma Lombard's books, you can find them HERE. Also, don't forget to follow her on Facebook, Bookbub, and Goodreads, or find Emma on her website!

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