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Pride & Prejudice &... Aliens?: Latrexa Nova's "Ardently Abducted"


Ardently Abducted: Spicy Regency Monster Romance in Space (Regency Alien Planet Book 1)

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that alien pirates in recent acquisition of a hideout must be in want of consorts.

I don’t care that the aliens who captured us look more like monsters. I care that their grumpy, Lovecraftian nightmare of a doctor keeps poking and prodding me like a science experiment. And I definitely am not enjoying it, especially because he won't let me forget I accidentally injected his vorkux or whatever with a translator chip in self-defense.

When the aliens inject me with the aforementioned translator, the first thing they ask is how to mate a human. I don't expect my offhand comment about historical romance to be taken literally. Next thing I know, they’re scanning my brain for context and throwing a regency-style ball.

When Mr. Definition of Haughty himself asks me to dance, I laugh in his face. Maybe half because I’m terrified of the heat that rushes through me when we touch. I can’t stand how dismissive he is, even if I might have daydreamed about what that tendrilous mouth would feel like between my... lips.

Ardently Abducted is the first in a series of high-heat standalone romance novellas featuring recently abducted humans and the monstrous aliens of Oss-10."


What a wild ride!

This was my first Latrexa Nova book, but it won't be my last!

A reader mentioned this story on Instagram, and its premise intrigued me (Pride & Prejudice & Aliens? Um, okay!). So, I hopped over to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited and downloaded it.

If you decide to read Abducted, be sure to go in with an open mind and willingness to just let things fly because this is not meant to be a direct retelling of P&P nor a very serious replication of the Regency era. However, it is definitely entertaining and steamy.

Our heroine remembers all the historical romances she loves to read and recreates entire scenes and locations based on memory that are then created by our alien abductors' technology! I wish we had the capability for something like this! How cool would that be?

Nova's writing is easy to follow and is a very curious mix of sub-genres, which is always a nice break from the norm.

Check out Ardently Abducted, if you're looking for a Regency/Alien mash-up with steam!


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