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New Release: Earls Prize Curves by Jemma Frost

Cover of Earls Prize Curves

The start of a new series, Earls Prize Curves, is finally HERE!

Book Blurb

Miss Clara Netherfield yearns to escape being the caretaker of her miserly parents, even if it's just for a short period of time. With a betrothal to a friend of her father's on the horizon, Clara is desperate to experience passion at least once in her life. But should she accept the scandalous offer from her best friend's father? As the Earl of Covington, and a man twice her age, Hugh must resist the curvy Clara's charms, especially after finding her reading a naughty book in his own home. But when temptation becomes too much, he finds himself offering to tutor Miss Netherfield in the art of pleasure, despite his better judgment. Can love bloom between this May/December couple? Or will their family obligations tear them apart? A quick, romantic read for those who love curvy heroines, age gaps, & steamy tutoring sessions!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw when I first posted about this story... TWO YEARS AGO!

It came to me in a dream.

Hugh walked in on his daughters with Clara (like in the book) and was jealous of the fictitious hero in Her Dark Earl.

He wanted Clara for himself.

Then the dream kinda went on a weird tangent where he found a letter Clara wrote to his daughters and was jealous (again), wishing she'd written to HIM instead.

Of course, that didn't really make sense in the story, but I did give a nod to the dream with Hugh noticing the letter from Clara before the Tipton Ball. However, I didn't have him get all jealous over the letter because... well, it kinda seemed too ridiculous at that point. HAHA!

I'm really excited about this series because it combines some of my favorite things to read: curvy heroines, alpha heroes, and short romantic reads that are easy to finish in one sitting.

Earls Prize Curves is available on Amazon to buy in paperback or e-book form.

You can also read it on Kindle Unlimited.

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