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Sara Adrien’s Favorite Things to Gift Readers

#1 Bestselling Author Sara Adrien writes hot and heart-melting regency romance with a Jewish twist, and today she's sharing her favorite things to gift readers!

1) The Origami Case for the Kindle E-Reader is a great way to make your Kindle stand up. I use mine to stand up sideways sometimes when reading a graphic novel or just vertically when I need to be “hands-free.” Isn’t the name awesome, too? It reminds me of folding paper, which brings me to number 2 on my list.

Origami Case

2) I love the Tuttle Origami Paper collections. They make for great gifts and also a wonderful afternoon of crafts with kids or friends who like to try them. My Kindle has a few books with folding instructions. Imagine how impressive it is to take a sheet out and fold it into a lovely box or butterfly.

Tuttle Origami Paper

3) If you are familiar with my books, you know I love to make heroines smell nice. Sometimes, I like to indulge in essential oils, too. Check this out, it’s pure luxury!

Essential Oils

4) The ouch bookmarks are fun for kids. It looks like a turtle stuck in a book or some other animal. Very silly!

Ouch Bookmark

5) Why not support small businesses and stay cozy while indulging in an indie book? Check out Etsy for throw blankets.

Etsy Throw Blanket

6) Speaking of staying warm, there’s nothing like sitting on a soft rug. These are so cute, they look like a toy! These are handcrafted and made by sewing felt balls of various colors together.

Felt Ball Rug

7) No such list would be complete without…. Drumroll…. TEA! It’s a lovely gift for any occasion and anyone! Even herbal tea for kids, iced tea in the summer, or more robust black teas with flowery notes for the cold season. Check out this brand that I discovered in London last summer.


8) This is a bit on the pricey side for a gift and I don’t have one (but I really want one!). It’s a LoveSac sectional. This is basically a modular sofa that you can customize with fabrics and even change the layout of it as you need it.

LoveSac Sectional

9) You didn’t think I wasn’t going to sneak some books into the mix, did you? Check out the classics that everybody must read, those are always good.

Read for the Holidays

10) Last but not least is a nice lip cream. It sounds odd but when you just sit at home and the heat is on, the skin tends to demand a little care. This one is fabulous! It’s one of my favorite brands.

Lip Cream

To learn more about Sara Adrien, click HERE!

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