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Winter is Coming: Aurora Rose Reynolds's "Before This Ends"


Before This Ends (Before Book 2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Miles Thatcher and I would not have gotten together if my life had gone according to plan.

Recently single with her whole life up in the air, Emma Abate knows that getting into any kind of relationship, is a bad idea. Especially when the man she finds herself drawn to is Miles Thatcher, a single father, and a man that seems determined to break down every barricade she places between them.

Could this be real?

Miles doesn’t do complicated. But it’s difficult to remember all the reasons why Emma is supposed to be off limits when she begins to fill a void in his and his daughters' life, a void that he never realized was there, until her.

Before this ends will Miles and Emma realize they have something worth fighting for? Or will his job as a detective, the murder of two young women, and Emma’s past get the best of them before they ever get the chance?

Life is never simple, and neither is love.


I've been waiting for this...

Miles was first introduced (I think, lol) in Until Willow, a book that follows his brother Clay. I liked his character and was excited for the tease of his relationship, so when his book was released this week, I was like 'FINALLY'!

Although the romance that was teased never came to fruition (sneaky Aurora), I enjoyed the love story between Miles and Emma rather than who I thought he was going to end up with.

Single-parent romances aren't my favorite, but this one gets a pass because I like Aurora Rose Reynolds so much, and there were plenty of cute scenes between the two adults and Miles's daughter, Winter.

This was a typical ARR novel except for the ending. I won't spoil it, but it did kind of surprise me.

Check out Before This Ends, if you're looking for a steamy-sweet romantic suspense with heat!


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